The CHIANTI atomic database

The CHIANTI atomic database was first released in 1996 and is now widely used in Solar Physics and Astronomy. I became involved during the project development phase when I was a PhD student working under Dr Helen Mason at Cambridge University, and I am one of the current five-member team that maintains the database. The CHIANTI team were awarded the Group Achievement Award by the Royal Astronomical Society in 2010.

Please visit the main CHIANTI website for more details about the project. The present web-page provides links to some personal files related to the database.

CHIANTI citations. A list of papers that cite the CHIANTI publications.

ADS atomic data bibliography. Links to ADS libraries of atomic data for each isoelectronic sequence.

Archive. A collection of ions that I've assessed for CHIANTI, including data files, notes and format conversion routines.

Free-bound report (pdf). A report describing how the free-bound continuum is calculated in CHIANTI.

Lorentz tests. A set of plasma modelling code tests agreed upon at a Lorentz Centre meeting in August 2016.

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