JOP 183 - CDS Observations

On October 14, CDS performed the following studies in support of JOP 183

Study name Filename Start time
THEMIS_3 s33562r00 06:44
s33562r01 07:32
s33562r02 08:21
s33562r03 09:09
s33562r04 09:58
THEMIS_1 s33563r00 10:46
s33563r01 11:17
s33563r02 11:48
s33563r03 12:19
s33563r04 12:50
s33563r05 13:21


This is a sit-and-stare study. The images below show how line intensities along the slit varied in time. The sequence lasts just over 4 hours. Note that the colour table has been reversed, so dark areas correspond to the most intense regions.


This is a raster study covering 154"x240". Images from the 6 repeats of THEMIS_1 are available below.